Who I Serve

I am not for everyone.  I am intense, high-energy, and demand the most from my clients.  I only work with those that are deeply committed to their success and significance.  I work by invitation and referral only.

I Work With Heart Led Leaders, High Performing Teams, Elite Athletes and Military Heroes Who (Are)…

  • Inspiring
  • Adventurous
  • Successful
  • Have put it all on the line to build their business or develop their athletic talent
  • Committed to their growth (personally and professionally)
  • Coachable
  • Bring a challenge they want to work on
  • Ultimately desire to go from success to significance, tapping into their fullest potential and impacting the world

I believe in my clients even when they don’t believe in themselves. I challenge them deeply. I help bring clarity to their world. I share truths with them unlike anyone ever has. I bring excitement and adventure to the process of change. I help them create an extraordinary life. I help them shift from a successful life to one of significance. I help them realize their purpose, see through the fog and reinvent themselves.

My clients shift to an ownership mindset and way of operating. They get out of their ruts and create meaningful results. They create alignment between their deepest values and their actions. My clients and I create experiences that support true shifts inside of them. My clients create the life (business, relationships, spiritual, etc.) that they truly desire. My clients invest in themselves and the return on that investment is exponential.

In exchange for this, my clients make a significant financial investment.  They understand that this helps shift them from interested in to committed to their success. They are committed to do the required work. They have a truly open mind. They take action. They show respect by being on time and not cancelling our meetings. They share their learnings and shifts with others to impact those around them.

My ideal client puts it all on the line to create their business and/or athletic ability. They have an adventurous nature. They bring challenges they are committed to working on. They are committed to taking action. My ideal client is truthful and honest with themselves and committed to their personal and professional growth. They are coachable. They want to change the world in their own unique way and leave a legacy. My ideal client desires to design and fulfill the life of their dreams.