jan_rutherford“After meeting Brad, I quickly realized, that we shared many values including the idea that leadership is a mind-body experience. I had the privilege of partnering with Brad to co-lead the Self Reliant Crucible expedition, and found him to be the consummate professional. Brad leads, teaches, and coaches with heart in a way that provides insight, inspiration, and encouragement for leaders looking for a transformative experience. Everything Brad does is centered on family, and his counsel is based on his own sacrifices and example. Brad is a gifted coach and counselor, and he carries himself with extraordinary calmness under pressure. Brad is the rare individual who views his profession as a divine calling, and those he ministers will profoundly accelerate their personal and professional growth.”

Jan Rutherford, Former Green Beret Executive Officer and Medic; Retired CEO of 3T Systems

Speaker, Author, Coach, Facilitator – Self Reliant Leadership


LarryDavis“After 20 years in the military I had little direction or goals in my life. In fact, I was scared of losing job security. Unknowing of my hidden talents, I took the first job available. Six years later in overseas work, burned out and needing a change, I was introduced to Brad. After one meeting with Brad, he quickly recognized my talents. Through his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge in helping others, he has coached and mentored me in selecting a new career that uses my talents with complete job satisfaction. I am extremely excited about the new chapter in my life and owe it all the Brad.”

Larry Davis, Former “Top Gun” and  US Army Sniper School Instructor, 20+ Year Veteran Sniper

Currently Creating the Preeminent Long Range Shooting “Finishing” School in the U.S.


BradJeffress“I recently attended one of Brad’s workshops and it thoroughly exceeded my expectations. I had met Brad a couple years ago and had the fortune of sitting down with him to discuss a few of my life’s concerns at the time. I still use those notes to look back at and help direct me. So when I decided to attend Brad’s workshop recently I was not sure if I would get as much out of it. Boy was I wrong. His workshop provided me insight and a workbook that I can again use over and over to help guide me thru life’s challenges. Brad’s calm demeanor, his thoughtful comments, and his compassionate heart created a thought provoking probe into my true feelings. And the interaction it generated between all of the attendees was just an added benefit to the experience. I would highly recommend anyone to explore what Brad might have to offer you. I know for me it has helped me both personally and professionally.”

Brad Jeffress, Senior Vice President, IMA Financial Group


DanStreeter“Recently, I attended the “Real Deal Retreat” led by Brad Billingsley and Tommy Spaulding. Over the course of 2 ½ days, I experienced something truly life changing and inspirational.

For me personally, I have struggled mightily with discovering the path which God has in mind for me and my two boys…Brad, and the experience he put together, has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life and now I have the groundwork laid to make my life into everything I hope it to be.

Brad, thank you for all the work you put in to make this retreat happen. You have my full support in all you do…because of your work, my life and the life of my boys have a brand new outlook and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Dan Streeter, Principal, IMPART! Curriculum Design and Delivery


“Brad has had a profound impact on my life, even in the short period during which I have worked with him. He has helped me to be more intentional and focused on what drives me personally and professionally. I only wish that I would have come across him much earlier.”

Randy Roberts, Principal, Triple Peak Ventures

Nate Farley “Brad has been a phenomenal resource to me. He never takes an answer at face value and truly asks the questions that make you think deeply. I became a client of Brad’s during a truly pivotal point in my career and development, and he has exceeded every expectation that I could have ever set for him. He has challenged me to become a better professional, a better businessman, and a better person. His unique and insightful approach to self discovery has made a profound and lasting impact on my view of my career as well as my life. I could not recommend Brad more highly.”

Nate Farley, Assistant Vice President, UMB Bank


“Working with Brad has really helped me take the blinders off that have in turn greatly benefited my personal and business lives.  I am very grateful for the foundation Brad has helped me establish in order to build my new career.  I firmly believe that every pro athlete coming out of sports should sit down with Brad and plan their future.”

Rick Berry, Former NHL Defenseman with Colorado Avalanche

Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


“I came to Brad at a time in my professional life where I was desperately confused, worn out, and somewhat disillusioned.  My vocation had always been a calling but I thought I had reached a point where the calling had become mute.  Brad helped me realize that I was ready to go the next level of my career and in my life, and that I had plenty of energy to do it.  The confusion transformed into revelation that I was far from done with the path I had been on.  The path was just going to a higher place.  Brad’s quiet confidence, deep insight, and powerful questions helped me believe in myself, reconnect to my core values, and find a new essence to my calling.  I’ve reached that next level and I am deeply grateful to Brad for being the catalyst that got me there.”

Wes Wollenweber, Esq.,  Donalson Ciancio & Grant, P.C.


“You saw my potential way back in the day when I was “stuck” working in a career I didn’t love. When you challenged me to visualize and create what I really wanted in my professional life, I saw coworkers who LOVED to work with and for me. I wanted my passion for life to be infectious (similar to how I feel after talking with you) and I’ve received a lot of confirmation of this during my recent career transition.   I credit it to living a powerful life with the courage to create what I desired and without your guidance I believe I would have been in the same rut you found me in several years ago. Sometimes the path of least resistance allows us to suffer quietly while the opportunities we desire pass us by. In the previous two years at my former company, I created meaningful relationships, challenged 60 years of status quo, exceeded all previous sales records, built an amazing sales team and left in a manner that had the President thanking me. I honestly don’t think I could have achieved any of that without your coaching. The skills and empowerment you’ve provided allowed me to break beyond my own experiences and education and truly harness the energy required to live a powerful life. Thank you Brad.”

Michael Romanchek, Sales Lead, Team Wendy; Former Platoon Commander – USMC



“Brad’s coaching was extremely helpful for me to work through my career aspirations, personal goals and passions.  Before I started with a coach, I felt like I was going in circles with little to no progress – after working with Brad I am better able to define my goals and the steps needed to get there.  Brad’s coaching style is non-judgmental, thoughtful, confidential and relatable.  All very important traits for a personal experience like life coaching.  Brad’s interest in his clients is very genuine which makes for a comfortable and successful coaching situation.”

J.K., Professional Services Industry

WS_PH“Brad put together a great 24-hour program. It was very detailed, well organized, and thought provoking. Although I have known Brad for nearly 20 years, I had not worked with him in this capacity. I know him very well, but his program still exceeded my expectations.”

Willi Schmidt, Former President and Owner, Mountain States Bank; Host, Pure Hunting

“Brad is energetic, enthusiastic, and posseses a natural leadership quality. I have experienced his ability to bring out the best in his clients. He is a man of integrity and strong values who is committed to leave this world better than he found it. His coaching practice is not a mere job but a way of living. Anyone who chooses to work with him will not be disappointed.”

Servando Navarro Cuervo, General Director, Sowers Project

“I grew to respect Brad four years ago after meeting at a professional conference. We became friends immediately, but it’s what he has done in the past 6 months that most impresses me. Reinventing himself as a professional coach, professional speaker, and leadership expert is no small task! Doing so out of service to others and love of his family, though, is what I find most inspiring. You and your organization will benefit greatly from any work done with Brad.”

John O’Leary, International Speaker, Burn Survivor, Rising Above

“Brad is a close friend and a client – he is the epitome of drive and persistance. He has a subtle yet powerful way of motivating the people around him to a greater level of excellence. Brad is a leader’s leader and destined for success at any endeavor.”

David Barber CRS, GRL, ABR, ABA, SRES, SFR, Broker Associate, Re/Max Unlimited Inc.

“The Rising Above Leadership Academy was a truly impactful 24 hours in my life. Brad guided and mentored me through a process of self-interrogation so that I could identify what was critically important in my life and business. This process was enlightening and allowed me to re-center myself on the issues that were truly important, while at the same time identifying and eliminating the distractions. I would highly recommend this program to any executives or businesses which want its Senior Management Team to have a tool set and mind-frame which enables success and achievements and reduces distractions and lost productivity.”

Russell Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Sebile USA Ltd


holloway“Brad is one of the most genuine and honest individuals I have ever met. His passion for inspiring, connecting, and guiding others to their own goals and dreams is powerful and contagious. I had the priviledge of attending his Rising Above Leadership Academy events and can say it truly changed my life, or better said -“IGNITED LIFE” for me both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend working with Brad to anyone who wants to rediscover their joy in life and a new vision of possibilities for their future.”

Chris Holloway, Regional Sales Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand

TriciaH“I met Brad when he volunteered to serve as a judge for Big Idea Project. And I am so glad I did! Brad was quick to offer his time to support our students in their work to lead change in their communities. It is obvious that Brad cares deeply about developing leaders and helping people reach new heights of personal and professional success. Brad is a leader of integrity, someone you can trust to have your best interests in mind, and a gifted consultant and coach. I have much to learn from Brad and look forward to working with him in the future!”

Tricia Halsey, Co-Founder and Chief Ideator at Big Idea Project