High Lonesome Hut Trip



Cave_WebWhy This Adventure?

Five years ago I was a partner in a prestigious insurance firm. I had built a large business with clients all over North America. I was making more money than I had ever dreamed of. And I was miserable. My two little kids didn’t understand why I was always gone on business trips. And when I was home – why I was so disconnected. It came to a head one night when my then four year old daughter Reese asked me “Dada, when are you ever going to smile at me again?” I promised her starting that very moment. And my work as a performance coach since then has focused on guiding my clients to create the life they want, focused on the things – and people – that matter most. This expedition and the many other that will follow, provide the opportunity to make those that matter most in your life your priority. And create memories for life.


Snowshoeing_webThe Format

The format for our adventure is to create an experience where Dads and their kids can connect, whether in the spacious hut playing games or cooking meals together, or out in the woods learning to navigate with map and compass, building snow caves, or exploring the surrounding woods. The focus is to create memorable experiences and to develop deeper, more loving relationships. They will build confidence from undertaking a real adventure and remember this experience as one which Dad was focused solely on them. Nothing enables this better than a trip to a remote cabin far from cell phones, laptops and the busy-ness of everyday life.



img.HmLgThe Hut

The High Lonesome Hut is easily accessed by anyone in good physical shape. Access is by snowshoe or XC skis and the rolling trail is about 2.4 miles long. Elevation gain on the approach is 600’ and the hut sists at 9,300’. The trail is safe and far away from any hazardous terrain. The area around the hut is an excellent playground for children. We will have the entire hut to ourselves.






KidsCampfire_WebThe Opportunity

We’ll leave for Granby Monday morning, February 16th and head back down the mountain Tuesday afternoon February 17th. The trip is limited to 16 people, likely 6-7 Dads with their kids, ages 5-18. Three families are already committed. This is an invitation and referral only expedition. Suggested investment is $300 for a Dad + one kid, and $50 for each additional child. All meals are included. XC skis or snowshoes can be rented for an additional fee. Bring warm clothes and your sleeping bag in a midsized backpack. And don’t forget your camera! See you at the Trailhead.