Amazing DADventures


Why These Adventures?

Five years ago I was a partner in a prestigious insurance firm. I had built a large business with clients all over North America. I was making more money than I had ever dreamed of. And I was miserable. My two little kids didn’t understand why I was always gone on business trips. And when I was home – why I was so disconnected. It came to a head one night when my then four year old daughter Reese asked me “Dada, when are you ever going to smile at me again?” I promised her starting that very moment. And my work as a performance coach since then has focused on guiding my clients to create the life they want, focused on the things – and people – that matter most. These expedition are designed to create deep, loving, foundational relationships.  Whether your kids are young and crave more of Dad or they are teenagers and you feel them beginning to drift away, these adventures will spark an excitement and create space for a deeper connection.  

Make those that matter most in your life your priority. And create memories for life.