Project: Unknown

An extraordinary adventure into the heart of the Colorado High Country that tested us to our core and spurred us to new heights.

Beginning January 2014, a small band of adventurers began a journey to push physical as well as personal boundaries. Our six month project included both intense life coaching (examining every area of our lives and setting clear and challenging goals to blow past the blocks holding us back) and training for and completing a significant running project that the team designed. In the end, we ran the “Tenmile Traverse”, running from Frisco to Breckenridge, Colorado, tagging all ten peaks along the way.  We climbed over 10,000′ in total elevation at an altitude of over 12,000′.  Our run lasted more than 12 hours and included many miles of technical Class 3 and 4 scrambling.  On Peak 10 we felt as if the entire mountain was going to landslide down with us riding the scree down…  As we descended into Breck to a cold beer and a much needed rest, we all agreed that we had just accomplished something that would not have been remotely possible just six months earlier.  With the close guidance of our running coach, Joe Grant, we consistently improved our fitness and our beliefs about what we were capable of.  And the best part is that each of us is taking our new mindset and applying it to our careers, our relationships, and our communities.  Watch the video below and enjoy the journey!

Project Unknown Tenmile Traverse from Brad Billingsley on Vimeo.

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Joe Grant – Adventure Running Coach  Joe is one of today’s top ultra trail runners and a regular at Hardrock 100 (considered to be the toughest trail 100 in the US). Joe’s accomplishments include a Trans-America self- supported bike trip, Top 20 at UTMB, 2nd Place at the 350 mile Iditarod Ultramarathon (6 days in sub-zero Alaskan uwilderness), 2nd Place at Hardrock, and many other incredible finishes. Joe’s zen-like approach toward running helps his clients to enjoy the adventure of the trails as they prepare their bodies for the rigors of their event.  He’s also an all around great dude.   Check out Joe’s website at