A difficult test or challenge; a place or situation that forces people to change or make difficult decisions.

Climbing 100′ desert towers.  Free rappelling off 50′ cliffs.  Hiking long miles with heavy packs.  Inspiring Vistas.  Solitude.  Reflection.  Engaged Conversation.  The Crucible tests you to the core.  It challenges you, finds out what you’re made of, and allows you insight into how you lead under times of adversity.  And it does so in one of the most spectacular settings in North America:  Fisher Towers outside of Moab, Utah.  Here are the outcomes you can expect from the Crucible:

Hone Your Leadership Edge
This program is designed to bring out your true leadership abilities during times of duress and pressure. The heightened awareness and the skills you will develop will transfer into your professional and personal life.

Resiliency and Resourcefulness
Experience how adversity impacts critical problem solving abilities and learn how to channel your focus and resolve to provide optimum team outcomes

Critical Decision Making and Clear Communication
Deepen your knowledge and skills for making mission critical decisions with incomplete information. Then learn to communicate more clearly and effectively with your team

Powerful, challenging experiences reinforce learning and foster the exchange of new ideas through trial and error, coaching and peer feedback. Simply put, you will not be the same leader on the other side as when you arrive

Accept the Challenge.  And Don’t Look Back.  

Your Guides

Jan Rutherford
Jan Rutherford entered the U.S. Army at age 17, and spent six years in Special Forces as a medic and “A” team executive officer, and three years as a military intelligence officer. He has over 25 years of executive business experience, and is now a keynote speaker, facilitator, coach, college instructor, and author of “The Littlest Green Beret: On Self-reliant Leadership.”
The Littlest Green Beret - On Self-Reliant Leadership by Jan Rutherford
Brad Billingsley
Brad Billingsley is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of The Success Project, a high-performance coaching organization working with successful executives and professional athletes. The Success Project is dedicated to helping leaders find clarity and fulfillment in their lives by guiding them to realize their true passions and purpose.
Vince_SteveWe are partnering with Vince Anderson and Steve House from Skyward Mountaineering for the technical aspects of the expedition.  Two of the top climbers in the world, Steve and Vince are Internationally Certified (IFMGA) Mountain Guides and lead their clients on epic adventures all over the world.  Vince will personally guide the October 2014 Crucible Expedition.

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Brad Billingsley