Preparing the Fields

I am sometimes conflicted inside as to the purpose for what I’m doing.  I say conflicted – it’s not a battle that rages on inside but rather a small question mark in the back of my mind.  I’m fairly grounded in my “Why” and am intentional in my “What” and “How”.  As I enter into some new endeavor – whether it be a new career, coaching my kids sports teams, or attending a business appointment, I pray a prayer for guidance and wisdom.   It goes something like this:  “God, if it is your will, please guide me to do my very best and bring you glory to You in what I’m about to do.”  This has treated me well, though there’s often a small lingering wonder whether or not I’m on the right track.  Sometimes (like when I left a 10 year career and business I’d built up), the answer and guidance seems loud and clear.  Other times, I wonder, waiting for direction.


This morning I was listening to Dr Kevin Elko’s podcast “The Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration” and he told the simple parable about faith that I’ve heard many times before.  “Two men prayed for rain and an abundant harvest.  One went out to prepare the fields for what was to come.”  While I’ve heard this story since I was a kid in Sunday School, it struck me a little differently today.  It reminded me that God created me (and each of us) with a purpose.  He gave us our own unique gifts.  He gave us our own special personalities, likes and talents.  Our opportunity is to go use those talents to our very best ability, with the intention on bringing Him glory and modeling the tenants of our faith in all we do.  Our faith is shown not when we sit back and “wait for a sign that we’re on the right track” but rather to move forward boldly with this intent to bring glory.  He’ll always guide us when we’re off track.  But rather than waiting around for “a sign”, I’ll choose to step forward with confidence and humility today, open to future guidance down the road.