About Success Project


The Success Project Purpose

We are in the business of believing in the power of people and leaders and supporting them in creating the lives and businesses that make them come alive!

What The Success Project Stands For

  • To use the gifts and talents God gives us to do His work
  • We believe in our clients even when they don’t believe in themselves
  • We believe in the power of Authenticity
  • We step into our Warrior Spirit with a Servant’s Heart to serve our clients like they’ve never experienced before
  • We do the right thing even when no one is looking

Brad’s Non-Negotiables

  • My Faith
  • My Family
  • My Integrity
  • My Service to Others
  • My Freedom
  • My Sense of Adventure


Brad Billingsley is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of The Success Project, a high performance coaching organization working with successful executives and professional athletes. The Success Project is dedicated to helping leaders find clarity and fulfillment in their lives by guiding them to realize their true passions and purpose. This becomes the foundation for “authoring a life of significance” and the legacy they will leave for future generations. With a successful track record of 20 years of business experience, working in all types of corporate environments – from large to small, startup to Fortune 500, iPEC Certified Professional CoachBrad brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and perspective to be leveraged. Brad is a Success and Performance Coach, specializing in guiding his clients to the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Brad’s passion for adventure and life’s experiences has allowed him to test the limits of endurance and constantly develop his mental strength. Brad graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991, where he walked on to the CU football team to play inside linebacker under Coach Bill McCartney. He later played rugby for CU. After college, Brad turned to endurance sports, completing a dozen marathons, four Ironman triathlons, two 24 solo 24 Hours of Moab mountain biking races, and numerous other adventures.

His career journey led him to successful engagements at ADP, Kinko’s Corporate, as well as Jato and Verado in the dotcom space. Most recently, Brad was a partner for nearly 10 years at Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately held insurance broker. Having realized his goals in the corporate world, Brad chose to dedicate his passion for coaching and mentoring, in order to help others realize their dreams.

Brad’s messages convey the lessons, insights, tools and skills he has acquired along his journey toward living a fulfilling life. From his relationships with his wife Amy, daughter Reese and son Jack, to helping others through his coaching business, his commitment to giving back to those less fortunate in our community, and his passion for the outdoors, Brad offers a wide array of connection points to his clients. Brad’s coaching philosophy and the tools he shares with his clients represent key milestones along his journey toward happiness and fulfillment in life. Each allows his clients to make a conscious choice to move toward the things in life they want, while squelching those “inner critics” that haunt us all.

Brad enjoys ultra running, rock climbing, canyoneering, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, flyfishing, leading Cub Scouts and reading books that make him think.

To contact Brad at The Success Project:

phone: 720.635.2166

email: bradbi51@gmail.com

skype: brad.billingsley51